There’s bunches more in my background than just the official stuff on my background page. Here are some of my favorite-est accomplishments.

Blogger and Columnist
Massively.com – MMORPG News and Features
For about a year, I was a columnist and (sometimes) blogger for Massively.com. My area of speciality was in-game economics and crafting. These have always been some of my favorite aspects of MMOs to explore. Unfortunately, I found that even games can be work when you have to come up with topics against a deadline. If you’re at all interested, my collected works (LOL) can be still be found posted on that website.

Various and Sundry Renaissance Festivals
I’ve been working off and on as a salesperson at Renaissance Festival booths since 2005. This has been one of the most fun and rewarding experiences of my adult life. It allows me an opportunity to make all the lewd puns I want while enjoying the company of equally quirky people. Among the vendors brave enough to have me on staff are Threads of Time, maker of fine (machine washable!!) vestments, Fellowship Foundry, purveyors of pewter drinking vessels, and Mardigan’s Maile, crafters of hand-linked stainless steel chainmail jewelry.

One thought on “RANDOM()

  1. veen gramoney

    Hi there
    Hope you are well?
    I am stuck in the mud here, I built a table with two columns, one has an account number and another is random for the account number…I want to insert new data into table with random but the random duplicates, the account number is unique to a client, I am using Netezza….

    Kind Regards

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