Fostering Customer Community: A Tale of Two Experiences


customers-talkingWhat happens when you’ve positioned your business as a trusted, community member, but your customer community goes elsewhere when it’s time to make a purchase?

This is the question plaguing two businesses in my area. Both are retailers who organize events around hobbies. Both face competitive pressure locally and online. They fall on two sides of the same basic question: cash or community? Continue reading

Seeking Small: Why Big Retailers Envy Mom & Pop


mom-n-pop-shopThere are a few local stores I visit often – enough so that they know my name, preferences, boyfriend’s name, work/travel schedule, and even my pets. They call me on my cell phone when something new is available that they know I’ll love.¬†They make sure I know in advance about events they’re holding. In return, I’m glad to pick up the phone when I see that they’re calling.

These are the experts in personalization and targeted messaging. They are the kings and queens of the customer relationship. And the big box retailers of the world are tremendously jealous of them.
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