Regular Expression in PostgreSQL


There are a whole set of fields in the databases I’m using here that are tilde-delimited (~) varchar strings with a mess of key-value pairs, the values from which I really need. Unfortunately, since they are varying character lengths, in no particular set order within that field, it is impossible to substring your way efficiently through them. Thankfully, there is a RegEx genius on my team who produced a handy chuck of code that pgSQL can easily recognize, parse and process for pulling precisely what I need.

substring(STUFF from 'KEYNAME=(.*?)[~]') as VALUE

Here’s the Step-by-Step:

  1. Use the SUBSTRING function to state that you are selecting only a portion of the string being passed in
  2. Specify the base text to be parsed as your first parameter
  3. Specify the key portion of the key-value pair from which the substring will start (technically, it starts at the end of the KEYNAME=)
  4. Retrieve any characters, repeated any number of times, until a ~ is found


Let me state, for the record, that I DO NOT know Regular Expression. If you ask me for other RegEx code or help with it, I will be of absolutely zero value. I am merely posting this here because I will otherwise forget how to do this… and it might be helpful as a baseline to others.

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